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Common core


By Martin W. Sandler

Martin W. Sandler's Inventors presents the evolution of inventions as they have never been seen before—and celebrates the spirit of the great American inventors who let loose their imaginations and changed the world forever. Americans have been characterized by their inventive spirit since the days of Benjamin Franklin, but the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries proved especially fruitful in groundbreaking discoveries that revolutionized life as we know it. This book includes an author's note, index, and over one hundred vintage photographs, posters, and paintings from the Library of Congress archives. 1997 Notable Children's Trade Book in Social Studies (NCSS/CBC). Supports the Common Core State Standards.

  • Grade level: 5
  • Interest Level: 4-8
  • Guided Reading Level: T


Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources. Identify aspects of a text that reveal an author?s point of view or purpose. Analyze the relationship between a primary and secondary source on the same topic. Gather relevant information from multiple print and digital sources, using search terms effectively; assess the credibility and accuracy of each source; and quote or paraphrase the data and conclusions of others while avoiding plagiarism and following a standard format for citation. Compare and contrast the overall structure of events, ideas, concepts, or information in two or more texts.

1. The Library of Congress is said to house the largest collection of stored knowledge on earth. Research the Library of Congress. Why is it referred to as ?the storehouse of the national memory?? RI.5.1; W.5.7; L.5.5

Why is it important to reflect on the main idea(s) of a nonfiction book? What is the main idea of Inventors? Look for evidence in the book to support your claims. Write an explanatory text describing the invention that most impacts your life. RI.5.1,2; W.5.2

Describe the overall structure of Inventors. How does the structure contribute to the meaning and style of the book? Compare and contrast structure, chronology, cause/effect, and problem/solution in two different titles from the Library of Congress series. RI.5.5

Explain the relationship between two or more individuals or ideas from Inventors and what part they played in a 19th and 20th century discovery that revolutionized life as we know it. Use primary and secondary sources. RI.5.1,3
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • Imprint: HarperCollins
  • Format: Paperback
  • On Sale: 11/30/-0001
  • ISBN: 9780064467469
  • ISBN 10: 0064467465
  • ISBN 13: 9780064467469
  • Pages: 96
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  • Juvenile Nonfiction / Biography & Autobiography / Science & Technology
  • Juvenile Nonfiction / History / United States / General
  • Juvenile Nonfiction / Biography & Autobiography / Historical

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